SurePrep was founded as a tax preparation outsourcing service provider in 2002. In subsequent years, we branched into tax automation technology and became a leader in the space. Our tax preparation services have remained a core part of our mission throughout. We use our own industry-leading technology to prepare returns and pass the time savings to our clients.

To compare, TurboTax’s Live Assisted packages start at $99 and H&R Block’s Basic Online Assist package starts at $70. Even if you’re not a tax expert, quality tax-preparation software can provide you with the confidence how to scale a business to prepare and file an accurate tax return. Tax-preparation software eliminates the need to perform complex tax calculations on your own, and it’s cheaper than hiring someone else to file your taxes for you.

  • Tax preparation outsourcing can give CPA firms a massive advantage in staying ahead of their competitors.
  • Its tax assistance is limited, but you can ask simple tax questions via a “help” request from within your account.
  • They’ll walk you through each step, ensuring your tax preparation needs are seamlessly transitioned and managed by QX’s team of professionals.
  • Reuters, the news and media division of Thomson Reuters, is the world’s largest multimedia news provider, reaching billions of people worldwide every day.
  • The reality is that some 1040 outsourcing services are performed onshore, others are offshore, and some vendors offer both options.

This trust-building advantage is a game-changer in the competitive landscape of accounting and tax services. Moreover, by tapping into tax return preparation outsourcing, tax professionals can adapt to fluctuating workloads with ease. Outsourced tax preparation services can provide accounting firms with myriad benefits. But just like every other option you have, you should do your research before signing up for a partnership with a third-party service provider. You must know the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing tax preparation services to make an informed decision.

How SurePrep Outsourcing Works:

Outsourcing is a handy tool for businesses looking to cut costs while improving their efficiency. Tax preparation services can give your accounting firm an upper hand during the busiest and most exhausting period of the year. Our onshore facility is located in Irvine, California and our offshore facility is located in Mumbai, India. Both locations are owned by SurePrep and staffed by SurePrep employees who adhere to the same training requirements and strict security protocols. Whether you choose onshore or offshore, you’ll enjoy the same turnaround time and high accuracy.

Having access to additional resources on your side can prevent the internal team from getting overworked. Outsourced tax preparation services will provide complete peace of mind about tax compliance and accurate tax estimation. Outsourcing tax return preparation allows tax professionals to tap into the expertise and specialization of dedicated professionals in the field.

Use tax season to shift from tax prep to tax planning

Yes, most outsourced tax preparation service providers can handle multiple state tax returns. Many of these services have the expertise and knowledge to prepare state tax returns in addition to federal tax returns. This can include compliance with different state tax laws and regulations. It’s important to confirm with the service provider if they can handle multiple state tax returns specifically, as some outsourced service providers may only specialize in federal or state returns.

We’ll discuss what it is, who needs it, offshore vs. onshore options, and full vs. partial outsourcing. Yes, QX is equipped to manage both individual and business tax return outsourcing. Good tax software can save you time and money by ensuring you file a quick and accurate tax return. Most tax software comes with a guarantee that you are getting the lowest possible tax liability based on your inputs. Some provide additional ongoing support and defense in case you are chosen for an IRS audit, so it can also put your mind at ease as you file your taxes. There is a perception that every client the firm is considering for outsourcing will have lists of questions and want every detail about the process.

How to Simplify the Finish and File Process

If you are looking to switch to outsourcing tax return preparation, book a free consultation with our experienced team today to learn more. We’re the go-to Tax Preparers that knows all the nitty-gritty of US tax rules and stays up-to-date with IRS changes. Our pros excel at sorting out individual and business taxes, no matter how complex.

It is, therefore, a huge compliment to the team at Infinity that they are quickly becoming my ‘go-to’ provider. The service turns around prompt, accurate they have the desire to go the extra mile. They have good knowledge of software, and the communication between our teams on workflow planning and completion has been very professional.

Aside from consent, cost is the only notable difference between offshore and onshore income tax outsourcing services. Many firms make the mistake of overestimating client resistance to 7216 consent and pay extra for their assumption. For most practices, there is no reason not to benefit from the cost savings of outsourcing income tax preparation offshore.

How should tax preparers handle delinquent or disorganized clients?

The truth is, most clients don’t even ask about why their return is being outsourced. Most clients trust that you have done your due diligence in vetting a tax outsourcing provider. CPA firms are constantly flooded with work, especially during tax season.

Outsourcing is truly a win-win situation and comes with numerous benefits. However, not every CPA firm deciding to take the outsourcing path knows all the benefits of outsourced tax preparation services. The main goal of tax preparation outsourcing is to get the work done on time without compromising on quality. Outsourcing gives you the advantage of high-quality work from trained and experienced professionals alongside ensuring compliance and data security.

To achieve affordable scalability and tremendous cost savings, and save more than 50%, outsource tax preparation to QXAS. The first step is to ask yourself why you need to outsource and what you seek to achieve via outsourcing. Rarely, the 7216 form may prompt a client to request additional clarification about your data security practices. A reputable income tax outsourcing service will have clear and transparent documentation about their security protocols. Some firms keep an onshore option on deck for an additional fee in the unlikely event that a client remains resistant.

Best IRS Free File: TaxAct

Your team has been very professional, courteous, and prompt in helping me handle the workload of my firm. Resolving many special and complex tasks that are beneficial to my firm. Do your research, analyze your competitors, check out testimonials, and look for the above traits while shortlisting a reputed outsourcing partner for your CPA firm. All SurePrep outsourcing staff are required to complete a comprehensive 10-week training program.

Top accounting firms in the USA sign up with outsourced service providers that use the latest tax software versions with the latest security and encryption mechanisms. The cost of outsourced tax preparation can vary widely, depending on the complexity of the tax returns and the experience level of the outsourced provider. Typically, firms may charge based on the engagement model with rates that reflect the intricacy of the services required. Engaging in outsourced tax preparation often proves to be cost-efficient for firms looking to leverage specialized tax expertise and technology while managing operational costs. For precise pricing, firms should consult directly with service providers who can offer tailored quotes based on specific needs.